you're just making me nervous

She said I love you boy I love you so
I must say that it was you who started all that and it was you who ended it. That's the main reason why I blame you of all the pain you caused and all the good moments you created. I want to thank you about all the good memories you wrote on my brain, but I stil blame you about how much they hurt whenever I get to remember them... I really hope that there will be a day when I smile when you come to my head... Also I'm willing that another day comes soon, the day that you'd walk straight out of my head and dont come back for a long while...

You once were the absolut happines inside of me, but honey, nowadays, you are the saddest thing I can think of, and I don't like feeling misserable anymore. I'm officially saying good bye to you.

And by the way, "friend", you still look awsome.



buscar otro aliento

Llorar todas las noches antes de dormir, morirse un poquito con este silencio...


Now is too late

Only heaven loves you know, so love it back for once...

rip my heart appart...

El universo es curioso. Podeis pedirle al universo todas las señales que querais pero al final solo vemos lo que queremos ver cuando estamos preparados para verlo.