you're just making me nervous

She said I love you boy I love you so
I must say that it was you who started all that and it was you who ended it. That's the main reason why I blame you of all the pain you caused and all the good moments you created. I want to thank you about all the good memories you wrote on my brain, but I stil blame you about how much they hurt whenever I get to remember them... I really hope that there will be a day when I smile when you come to my head... Also I'm willing that another day comes soon, the day that you'd walk straight out of my head and dont come back for a long while...

You once were the absolut happines inside of me, but honey, nowadays, you are the saddest thing I can think of, and I don't like feeling misserable anymore. I'm officially saying good bye to you.

And by the way, "friend", you still look awsome.


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  1. me sono a traicion de amistad! en el final! puede ser?. no te sientas mal, la persona que te hace daño no merece ni una lagrima tuya.

    un besp y cuidate

  2. Esos recuerdos son como las heridas: al principio duelen, pero con el tiempo cicatrizan, y aunque nunca llegues a olvidarlos del todo, llegará el día en que dejen de doler. Y quizás hasta puedas mirarlos con una sonrisa :)

    Un abrazo!


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