today I need some chocolate

Would you be kind enough to tell me how on earth can I ever forget him?
Could you please tell me what must I do to kick him out of my head, out of my dreams?
Excuse me, do you know how can I do it to be me again, to smile again, to stop crying myself out, to be happy without pretending to be, to stop thinking about the past and keep going on?
Could you, from your endless wisdom, tell me how could I concentrate again on what’s important to me and not what can I do to make him like me again? (If he ever did..)
Do you know how? Do you even know if it’s possible?


2 comentarios:

  1. Ojalá lo supiera... más que nada por aplicármelo a mí misma (y luego ya si eso te contaría el secreto ;D)

  2. Oh! Ben&Jerry's! Qué rico! jaja un beso!


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