you haven't danced in the rain

I’m just sitting here, listening to the storm, thinking about how rain reminds me you.
It brings back to my mind how we used to kiss under it. How I didn’t mind getting wet at all, at that moment I only cared about you. How we used to love getting soaking wet. How you used to laugh at me because my make up went all messy and how you used to have to wait almost half an hour to let me put it back correctly and specially how you used to make me believe that I didn’t need any of it on, that I looked pretty just how I was.
I used to try being perfect for you and now I surely am going to be, although you’re not ‘mine’ anymore.  I’m going to do that so you can at least notice that you make such a big mistake. She’s got my name too, what a fucking annoying coincidence… but on her it does not mean anything good.
I’m tired of competing, I’m not going to play that useless game anymore, I’m just going to be me in order to remind you why you started all this, and to remind you that you shouldn’t have ended it.


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